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Starting an investment in another country from scratch and setting up business operations is no small task. However, with the right assistance and expert guidance, the usual hassles encountered in this process can be avoided. At Bill Rock India Services Pvt. Ltd., we provide venture capitalists end-to-end services to help them establish their enterprises.

Our investment experts, including corporate lawyers, retired judges, highly experienced chartered accountants and liaison officers, are available round the clock to help foreign investors start their business without any trouble. We also provide help in terms of future business operations. Foreign investors can also use Bill Rock’s premises as their temporary office for communications in India.

Further, we help Indian investors find industrial plots, meet venture requirements, and locate joint venture partners. We also assist Indian manufacturing organizations in outsourcing production and other supply chain services on a pan-India basis. Following is a list of the services we offer to our clients:

  1. Providing data-backed information on the business opportunities available in India;
  2. Preparing the application for registering the business;
  3. Liaising and arranging meetings with the authorities concerned with business registration;
  4. Drafting important legal documents;
  5. Handling the documentation for compliance of the business with various authorities;
  6. Reviewing the business implementation process with the help of industry experts; and
  7. Handing over the original incorporation certificate to potential foreign investors.

Besides, our team members specialized in diverse fields, including top company executives and MBA graduates, will ensure the smooth functioning of your business operations and handle troubleshooting in day-to-day affairs.

Bill Rock proudly aligns with the “Make In India” initiative to provide entrepreneurs a safe haven for establishing their businesses. The numerous clients we have served so far, including MNCs and foreign embassies, will readily vouch for our commitment to service quality.