About us

At Bill Rock, our vision is to provide employment opportunities for people across industries and sectors and simultaneously boost India’s Economic growth. Thus, we aim to pair the vast number of job seekers in India belonging to different categories – from unskilled and skilled laborer’s to English-speaking graduates and seasoned professionals – with companies that require their services.

The world of business has undergone tremendous changes over time. While in the past financial capital was seen as the only key for success, today, human capital is considered to be crucial. However, in the current competitive business environment, organizations often struggle to attract and retain skilled and efficient human resources (HR). The HR teams of different firms compete to attract the best talent to meet their company’s needs, but they often face difficulties in the workforce recruitment process. Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1997 to help such companies find suitable workers. Through our HR outsourcing services, we provide a strong foundation to help our clients grow their business significantly and make their operations trouble-free. Further, we are also equipped to support the investment requirements of foreign investors willing to finance Indian businesses.

Through the years, Bill Rock has emerged as one of the pioneering manpower outsourcing companies in the world. With the help of our team of experts having rich business knowledge and decades of professional experience, we have consistently surpassed market expectations through recruiting and deploying effective, result-oriented, smart, and talented employees across different lines of work. Consequently, our premium-quality services have attracted several foreign venture capitalists to invest in India, since the country is a hub for infinite business opportunities. We intend to continue our efforts to develop companies and empower people through our dedicated services.

Like any responsible corporate, we believe in doing our part for society through contributing to those in need. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we have established a non-governmental organization (NGO) –Bill Rock Foundation – through which we support the education of poor children living along the Yamuna riverbed. Further, during winters, we also distribute blankets among homeless people living in the streets of Delhi. Apart from this seasonal activity, our NGO also serves the poor by providing them with clothes and food, especially in times of need and during emergencies.

Every business call from you to Bill Rock for Business Start up in India or HR outsourcing services will not only help your company prosper but also aid us in building the nation by wiping the tears of the poor through our CSR activities.