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Front Desk Operations

Bill Rock provides the best-in-class Front Desk Operations services for your business. No matter whether you are a fresh startup in India, or you require temporary staff to handle your important business matters, we have the perfect solution for you.

Bill Rock hires from the top of the crop, only the best male and female candidates for our staff, and especially so for our Front Desk Operations personnel. We recruit the smartest and best female resources with an attractive appearance and a personality that exudes confidence and a pleasant attitude to handle, what is essentially the face of your business to the outside world. We have the highest in international standards when it comes to our Front Desk Operations staff, so that your experience, as well as that of your esteemed visitors is seamless and puts them at ease while visiting your business presence in a foreign land. Our staff are highly trained in all the skills that are part and parcel of Front Desk Operations, and are at ease operating all office automation equipment, such as telephone and facsimile instruments, printers with complex capabilities, scanners, biometric equipment etc. They are vetted for excellent communications skills, no matter whether it is spoken over the telephone or over video-conference, or written, such as over email and in documents. You and your visitors will feel right at home being greeted by and communicating with our smart and talented Front Desk Operations staff.

At Bill Rock, it is our foremost objective to ensure that our Front Desk Operations staff add that international sheen to your business. Our services adhere to the highest global standards, and we put our best foot forward to maintain your business' image and growth in India.