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Vision & Mission


We see Bill Rock Group emerging as one of the leading and sought-after corporate facility services and manpower outsourcing solution providers for foreign investors across the globe. With state of the art and innovative workforce solutions we envisage India emerging as a successful and lucrative investment hub.

With a mission to excel in the pursuance of our vision, we are constantly striving to enrich the lives of those associated with us, with our innovative, class-leading corporate facilities and manpower outsourcing solutions. With a mindset for quality delivery and service, we consider ourselves responsible towards our clients, our personnel, our industry verticals, and society as a whole.
  • Our Clients: Always striving to excel in client service, our aim is to maintain a continuous flow of foreign investment into India. Keeping their needs at the center of our purpose, our strong relationships and associations with high-standing entities in countries across the globe gives us the ability to source manpower both at the domestic as well as international level. With outstanding Business Support Services, Human Resource and Outsourcing Services we aim to strengthen and empower the business community from the core.
  • Our People: Our people are our true assets, and key to our success and growth. Creating and developing a quality space for them is essential to their well-being and optimal performance. With state of the art hiring, recruiting and training methodologies, and holistic and integral development, our people have an edge over their counterparts in different business verticals, making them the right fit, always.
  • Our Industry: We are acutely aware of the existence of a huge number of foreign investors looking to put down roots in India, and the emergence of numerous more with each passing day. We see the immense intrinsic value and it is our daily commitment to maintain and adhere to the highest standards of quality delivery, excellent service and client acknowledgement, and best in class manpower outsourcing solutions with finest and most innovative offerings.
  • Our Society: We are responsible towards social welfare, and make sure that we engage ourselves in imparting help towards the upliftment of our weaker brethren, as well as the prosperity and happiness of society at large.