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Global Partners

With a firm base, an intelligent support system, high quality of experience and an undying drive to accomplish our goals, we consider ourselves well-established and resourceful in providing state-of-the-art and exemplary corporate facilities and manpower outsourcing solutions. In terms of efficiency and access to talent, we are advantageously placed on the geographical plane. Moreover, standing tall on our qualitative values, we have grown steadily, to emerge as one of the premier manpower outsourcing organizations across the globe. We are open to associate ourselves with several other recruitment or outsourcing companies present across the globe. By doing that, we can provide excellent manpower solutions and corporate set up facilities to our foreign investors visiting India with optimistic business plans.


India is a land of multiple opportunities. Due to its unique geographical location, and burgeoning population with varied cultures and traditions, it is an attractive destination for foreign investors. With our strong background of facilitating and recruiting the best resources, we are committed to delivering the best talent in India. We keenly understand your manpower needs and provide the best matches to your specifications. By tying up with recruitment agencies present across the globe, we are able to accomplish the task of setting up foreign investment in India with great ease. Adhering closely to all legal requirements, we undertake and complete the corporate set up procedures in a holistic manner. Without having to worry about dealing with legal issues, land, laws or labor problems, our foreign investors can focus on taking charge, and running their businesses.


Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. considers itself highly favored to stand as global partner with several recruitment and manpower outsourcing companies based abroad.