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India Investors Business Set up Facilities

With the growing demand and interest of foreign investors seeking business opportunities in India, it is a lucrative revenue stream for business entities, to create services to arrange for every essential need that a new business would have, to set up a corporate base in India. India is a land of infinite opportunities, and is thus the perfect hub for venture capitalists for venturing into diversified businesses. Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with sound leaders, managers, proficient legal experts, well accomplished CAs and incorporation experts to aid and enable foreign investors in setting up their core businesses here. Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. provides Corporate Facilities under two different heads. They are:


  1. Venture Capitalists in India
  2. Liaison and Representation Office in India


1. Venture Capitalists in India:

Bill Rock has an expert team on standby, to take care of all the legal and business aspects of Company Formation, and setting up of any new business in India. We will handle all hassles of dealing with government offices and different departments and local authorities, to provide you the smoothest and most comfortable experience when starting your business in India.


There are myriad differences in law, procedure and protocol from one country to another. This is a major challenge when it comes to setting up a new business in a foreign land. The management of a particular entity must make sure that every legal permission has been requested, and every formality has been fulfilled own to the letter of the law. It is also essential that manpower requirements are sourced from the same country as the one where the business is being set up. Right now, India is booming with fresh business possibilities and thus invites foreign investors with open arms, who also see the country as a potential business hub. Venture capitalists or new businesses seeking corporate facilities can avail diversified and end to end assistance from Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. for speeding up the set-up process with minimum turnaround time.


For venture capitalists, we provide a comprehensive report that comprises of essential details about the scope of business opportunities in India. In association with the relevant authorities, we complete the documentation needed in preparing application for liaison. We complete end-to-end commercial documentation, legal drafting etc., and create a robust set of documents. We also have an expert panel of lawyers, CAs, incorporators etc., who then go ahead and set up meetings with the respective authority that plays an essential role in passing the proposal. Applying for tax instruments like PAN and TDS too is an essential part of this process, which is undertaken at our end on a turnkey basis. In order to form Limited Company in India, we undertake the preparation of all statutory documentation and their processing. We undertake all documentation for compliance with different authorities, review business implementation programs with our expert panel and finally accomplish the task by handing over the original incorporation certificate to our foreign investor client. Moreover, we recruit efficient, robust and progressing personnel who can efficiently and diligently undertake all these different functions in a business operation for venture capitalists, office and outdoor work assignments alike.


2. Liaison and Representation Office in India

Bill Rock’s temporary office solutions save clients from heavy office rentals, security deposits, office interior set-ups, instruments, equipment, maintenance costs, staff salaries, and many other hassles. With temporary and contractual business plans, it becomes necessary for foreign investors to stay in the country for a limited time span. Due to its transient nature, investors are unwilling to invest huge capital and time to set up a workforce. In such a scenario Bill Rock comes in with services to set up and run temporary office and staffing solutions for foreign investors seeking liaison and representation office in India. Setting up a temporary office helps investors in accomplishing their objective, and brings results in greatly reduced time and money investment, and without blocking manpower resources. Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. values the time and money of their clients and thus provides temporary business support services, manpower outsourcing and corporate facilities to its clients in a highly time-and-cost-effective manner. As part of these services, we provide end-to-end reception and secretarial services to our clients. The personnel are expert in handling front office desk responsibilities, that need to be handled smartly and proactively. We provide female receptionists who are excellent in handling and responding to telephonic conversations, emails, messages, phone calls, conferences, fax, internet connections, etc. with utmost intelligence and expertise, as expected and required by the client. Moreover, clients need not worry about the hassles of investing in office premises.