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HR Outsourcing Services

Unpredictable changes, non-uniform evolution and an uncertain global market landscape are just a few factors that make organizations apprehensive when it comes to long-term/permanent recruitment. Manpower, being a key essential for every organization needs to be dealt with the utmost sensitivity, strategy and tact. Owing to tremors in the global economic landscape for organizations across all the segments, most prefer to stay lean and function by recruiting temporary or contract-based workforces. The trend for outsourcing manpower has become quite popular in recent times, and has been adopted widely due to several inherent benefits.


In order to simplify complexities and enhance productivity within tight time schedules, companies opt for manpower outsourcing solutions. This indeed is now the true need of the hour. At Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. we extend corporate services to foreign investors by providing them efficient, state-of-the-art and brilliant HR and outsourcing services in India. Our offerings in HR and Outsourcing Services include Recruitment, Outsourcing Services and Temporary Staffing. We provide a comprehensive recruitment, training and development program to new recruits that are in close accordance to specifications spelt out by the client. We possess expertise in understanding our client requirements and act accordingly.


The need for quality manpower is never ending. We have the best HR professionals, managers, administrative and back office people at hand, who possess the skills necessary for end-to-end management of HR solutions, HR payroll integrated systems, and best-in-class technological infrastructure that can undertake the responsibility of handling this domain. We are responsible for Recruitment, Orientation/Onboarding, Supervision, Training, drafting HR policies, Payroll Management, Exit Management and documentation of Government Compliances. With our in-depth understanding of the essence of recruiting and retaining manpower in India, we are confident and leaders in the domain. All of this is due to valuable experience and knowledge garnered over our tenure of over two decades.