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Global Affiliations

Moving successfully and steadily up the ladder of corporate success, we at Bill Rock India Pvt. Ltd. extend our interest in partnering with you in providing leading and pioneering corporate facilities as well as manpower outsourcing solutions. We understand the need and importance of organizing, arranging and managing corporate establishment tasks that are usually cumbersome, time consuming and high on efforts. Thus, to simplify your needs for getting experienced and best-in-class recruits for your diversified corporate needs, we invite you to partner, affiliate and associate with us.


With an excellent grasp on the field of corporate facilities and manpower outsourcing solutions, we are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a host of manpower personnel that excel in performing the task at hand, to your exacting specifications. Our talent pool possesses the highest caliber, standards and values to demonstrate their expertise in varied and diversified fields. By partnering with you, we can provide end-to-end corporate services irrespective of being on temporary, contractual or long-term grounds. We are also aware of the fact that the nature of employment differs from sector to sector. However, with our proactive, practical and by-the-book approach, we facilitate immediate corporate facilities and manpower outsourcing solutions by recruiting the right set of people, thus meeting delivery schedules and quality standards.


We also add to our clients’ bottom line as they benefit from our experience and passionate zeal, in comparison to the many other players present in this industry. When we associate, partner, affiliate or enter into a contract with you, it is our commitment to focus on strengthening our relationship by ensuring your delight and satisfaction, by delivering beyond your expectations.