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Founder @ Bill Rock India

Behind every successful entity, there always stands a brilliant visionary. Bill Rock Group owes its existence and stature to the exemplary leadership of our Chairman, Mr Anish C Mathews.


Mr Mathews, the founder of the Bill Rock Group sets the true example for achieving every milestone with a never-say-die attitude, passion and the ambition to go beyond the conventional. Along with his visionary approach and superlative attitude, he brings valuable professional experience, as well as the knowhow and wisdom that have brought the organization to where it stands today. A management consultant by profession, Mr Mathews founded the company along with a team of chartered accountants, lawyers and retired judges. Understanding India’s enormous potential for economic growth early on, Mr Mathews established Bill Rock India to provide end-to-end corporate facilitation, manpower outsourcing solutions and business support services for foreign investors seeking business avenues in India. He is sensitive towards the social and cultural aspects of our country, and the blessings that come from serving others, and to that end, Mr Mathews also founded the Bill Rock Foundation, an organization that provides education, monetary assistance and help in other forms to underprivileged children.