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From the Chairman's Desk

Anish C Mathews

Chairman, Bill Rock

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Bill Rock Group website. India is a burgeoning hub of opportunities, and has been attracting organizations globally, to set up or expand their business ventures in the country. With proven excellence in manpower consultancy and sourcing we are the perfect fit for such organizations and add value by providing the apt resource for any corporate need. Moreover, India has an abundant pool of qualified personnel, and it is our aim to glorify the nation by utilizing these resources to their best advantage in the right positions.


The Bill Rock Group aims to carve a strong niche in the areas pertaining to corporate set up and facilitation for investors in India. Our well-organized team comprises of skilled professionals and competent managers who have dedicated their intellect, energy and efforts towards delivering the best service, thus taking the organization to new heights. Our main focus areas are

  • Business Set Up or Corporate Facilitation for Investors
  • Corporate Troubleshooting
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Corporate Facility Management
  • Travel Management and Visa Clearance
  • Fleet Management


Offering dedicated resources in the above verticals, we humbly desire to benefit people, and add to India’s booming economy as well.


We would like to see India as Number One in the world, financially strong with its infinite resources of potential manpower and employment. We also see this as a door to prosperity and happiness in the lives of millions of Indians. As noted businessman and author Larry Bossidy very aptly puts it, “If you don’t get the right people, you’ll never fulfil the potential of your business.” We at Bill Rock Group are committed to cater to the needs of our valuable clients, and to benefit the country as a result.


We have one aim, and that is to provide class-leading core-level solutions to international investors who are looking to initiate or expand their venture in India. The way we see it, the future looks bright for the Indian economy, with higher foreign revenue inflow, better employment opportunities and more lucrative transactions. Our vision is to see India morph from a developing country to a developed one in the span of a few short years.


I believe that Bill Rock Group will go a long way in providing you quality service through our hard work and dedication. Our aim is to earn the trust of our clients, through action rather than mere words, and to that end, we are taking our organization towards becoming a cornerstone of reliability to MNCs in India and corporations globally. What’s more, we can already see Bill Rock growing steadily, to become a leading manpower solutions provider in India.


We do not intend to simply fulfil the brief when it comes to business development. Rather, we aspire to deliver over and above our clients’ expectations. These days, corporate social responsibility is a big part of every organization’s professional mandate. At Bill Rock Group, we would like to share our hearts’ desire with every visitor to this website, that of promoting and developing prosperous and pleasant relations between nations, and to strive for global harmony and peace, prosperity and happiness to mankind, no matter where you may be.


I look forward to your enthusiastic interest and involvement in our business and social contribution.